Logical. Simple. Beautiful. Node brings together lighting, security, fire prevention and air distribution, to create an adaptable, visually coordinated system that is easy to design, specify, install and maintain.
Holistic Node allows a building’s services including lights, sensors, cameras, speakers and sprinklers to be designed holistically. Integrating and standardising major building systems in this way pulls together design elements to create a unified aesthetic, reduces cabling and infrastructure and reduces scheduling conflicts between contractors during the installation process.
Integrated Node can be specified and commissioned as one system, rather than individual services. All devices communicate with each other via the node network, eliminating the need to make manual adjustments to individual systems and making day-to-day use more efficient, since lighting, HVAC and other systems can be adjusted from one intuitive wall interface.
Flexible Node can be incorporated into any ceiling type: from plaster to metal, from timber to fabric. This allows the same devices and network to be used across different ceiling types within the same space. The system’s devices are intelligent, enabling easy set-up and allowing zones to be added or removed via the Node commissioning software without the need to rewire the system.
Engineered Thoroughly tested at the design stage, Node’s logical, modular configuration provides a fully customised system, engineered for maximum efficiency. All software has been developed in-house, with a specialised electronics team designing purpose-built circuit boards. A mechanical design team created hardware components using advanced materials that optimise performance, fit and reliability.