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Price employees are committed to serving the needs of our customers. Whether it is the manufacturing team, product development engineers and laboratory technicians, or software and multimedia.
It truly is "easy to do business" with Price.

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  • Julian Rimmer

    Vice President and General Manager

  • Andrew Cyr

    Commercial Director

  • Jordan Hiebert

    Design Engineering Manager

  • Guy Hames

    Human Resources Coordinator

  • Meena Sohal

    Executive Assistant

  • Fiona Dickinson

    Senior Project Engineer

  • Nikki Gibson

    Senior Project Engineer

  • Benedict Wahl

    Project Engineer

  • Philipp Everding

    Project Engineer

  • Ainslie Rimmer

    Project Engineer

  • Sarah Ratcliffe

    Product Designer

  • Richard Moore

    Product Designer

  • Boyan Atanasov

    Embedded Software Designer

  • Gabriela Gutierrez

    Embedded Hardware Designer

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